Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reflections on Blogging

It seems weird that I would want to post about this. I've fallen into Twitter in the past two weeks, and it has revolutionized how I think about blogging and technology in general. There have been several people tweeting links to their blogs, or talking about what a teacher blog should look like.

I really wasn't sure that I wanted to blog, as I wasn't sure what I had to share. After jumping in, I realize that it's not so much that I have something to share, but that I have to keep track of all my ideas. I can't flesh these ideas out in my head, but in a blog, it becomes so much easier. And then I can easily go back, and see how those thoughts have been fleshed out.

My real inspiration came from reading a post on a blog by Shelly Blake-Plock, called Why Teachers Should Blog. I love how Shelly says that "to blog is to teach yourself what you think." This is an amazing definition, and it finally clicked why this blog was important to me.

If you're not blogging, because you think you have nothing to offer, blog away! It's not about what you have to offer others, it's what you have to offer yourself. (And I can guarantee that what you have to offer yourself will also be important to several others!)


  1. David, I enjoyed reading your reflections on blogging. Like you, I just started a blog a few months ago. I think it is a great way to reflect on our teaching and learning (to make sense of it). Glad you are joining the conversation!

  2. Great logic! Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. Thanks for your comments Cathy and Ryan. I'm really enjoying the conversation!